What are perovskites?

Perovskites are a combination of metals and non-metals when arranged in a certain way under the right conditions produce materials that can be made powerful, low cost solar cells.

There are many misconceptions about perovskites, but many interesting facts:

  1. Perovskites are hard to pronounce. Say “per-AHV-sky-t-s.” a few times and you will get it.
  2. Perovskite is a mineral; the perovskites Caelux uses are not made of the same chemicals as the mineral.
  3. Perovskite, the mineral, was discovered in the Ural Mountains in 1839, by Gustav Rose a German mineralogist and named for Lev Perovsky, a Russian nobelman and mineralogist.
  4. The mineral perovskite is calcium titanium oxide.  Caelux’s perovskite is made of  materials that we keep a closely guarded secret.
  5. Synthetic perovskites are flexible, light weight and have many applications; we just happen to think they will have a huge impact on the solar industry.
  6. Commercialization of perovskites is sooner than most people think.