Perovskites are enabling solar 3.0

Solar has become a leading source of new energy generation across the globe. But while costs have plummeted, the industry may be reaching a performance plateau. Photovoltaic modules have only increased efficiency by 15% within the last decade, and achieving additional energy performance necessitates increased balance of system costs.

In other words, in order to achieve much higher power output, complexity must go up significantly.

Here at Caelux, we are solving for both cost and performance. We’re on a mission to lower installed costs while improving power production, so that we can make solar energy more affordable and accessible to all. Caelux one™ is an innovative product that integrates seamlessly into existing module manufacturing processes, boosting performance, reducing installed costs, and accelerating the proliferation of solar.

Together, we can transform the solar industry while mitigating the effects of climate change.