Q4 2022 | ReTHINK Research interviews Caelux (again)

“We recently spoke to Scott Graybeal, CEO of California-based perovskite startup Caelux. Caelux prints perovskite onto the inside of glass used in otherwise mainstream silicon photovoltaic modules – creating a “four-terminal hybrid solar architecture,” two modules in parallel, which will be an outright superior product. Because it’s additive to existing technology, it’s possible this will be able to scale to match the entire solar industry by 2030…”

You can read more of Andries Wantenaar’s interview with Scott here, and their first article on Caelux here. Scott also speaks on their 20 October 2022 Rethink Energy Podcast 109: Sustainable Aviation fuels and Perovskites, at 10:06.

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