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CaeluxTM vO

CaeluxTM v0 is the state-of-the-art in photovoltaics science and engineering. Available spring 2024, we designed the CaeluxTM v0 with the rooftop module maker in mind.

Experience up to 3% (absolute) improvement in conversion efficiency at a price point that works. The CaeluxTM v0 is nimble, allowing it to fit into solar panels large and small and making it possible for you to manufacture a wider range of products.

Coming Soon

CaeluxTM One

The CaeluxTM One will be available winter 2024. It’s the next leap in perovskite technology, designed for distributed and utility scale markets as it enables up to 6% absolute efficiency improvement. When more kilowatts are key to a project’s long-term success, the CaeluxTM One is a crucial choice.

Perovskite Technology Sets Caelux Products Apart

Perovskite Technology has come a long way in recent years. At Caelux, we’re on the cutting edge of making solar technology accessible to the masses through groundbreaking perovskite integration.

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