10/15/21  |  Caelux to co-lead the US-MAP working group on perovskite circular supply chain

Lead halide perovskites are the building block for the next wave of innovation in solar.  With great promise comes the need to develop actionable frameworks and systems to properly address concerns related to sourcing, production, operation and recycling of technologies leveraging these materials.  Caelux is supporting this effort by helping to lead this initiative which will involve the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, industry and leading Universities and institutions.

10/07/21  |  Representative Chu co-sponsors SEMA

Introduced by Representative Kildee (D-MI), the SEMA House Companion Bill furthers congressional support for bringing solar panel manufacturing back to America, creating good-paying jobs, and creating energy independence for the U.S. At Caelux’s request, Rep. Chu agreed to co-sponsor SEMA in the House to demonstrate her commitment to national cleantech legislation and local jobs creation. 

09/29/21  |  Innovate Pasadena hosts welcome event for Caelux 

Innovate Pasadena convened an intimate, invite-only reception for Caelux to introduce the company to various local leaders and entrepreneurs. Fifteen guests were in attendance, ranging from municipalities (Burbank Water and Power) and utility companies (Southern California Edison) to local startups (Carbon Capture) and politicians (Pasadena City Council).  

Larry Wilson, an editor at the Pasadena Star News, wrote about the event here

09/27/21  |  Caelux convenes SEMA coalition meeting with White House

Caelux convened a meeting with the White House on behalf of SEMA to further our collective goal of rebuilding the domestic solar supply chain. On the call were representatives from the Domestic Climate Office (Sonia Aggarwal and John Rhodes) and the Office of Management and Budget (Celeste Drake). On the call, Caelux emphasized the importance of creating an investment landscape that can support early-stage thin film technologies, such as perovskites, and accelerate the market’s transition to 100RE. 

09/16/21  |  Caelux participation in PVQAT – task group 8 

Caelux was invited to join The International PV Quality Assurance Task Force (PVQAT, “PV cat”), which leads global efforts to craft quality and reliability standards. In particular, Caelux is informing the task group 8 working group’s focus on thin film technologies and perovskite PV competencies. 

09/15/21  |  Caelux membership into US-MAP

Caelux Corporation was invited to join the Industry Advisory Board for the US Manufacturing for Advanced Perovskites (US-MAP) consortium, helmed by the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). US MAP is a public-private effort involving laboratories, universities, and private industry. The consortium seeks to raise questions about how to accelerate and support perovskite research, development, and manufacturing to reduce costs and minimize risks for potential investors.

08/30/21  |  Virtual congressional visit with Representative Judy Chu (CD27)

Caelux Corporation emphasized its commitment to clean energy, education, and economic mobility in a virtual meet-and-greet with Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA) on Monday, August 30, 2021. In attendance were a select number of core partners, including: Khosla Ventures (Rajesh Swaminathan), SEIA (Scott Greenler), SEMA Coalition headed by Boundary Stone Partners (Yogin Kothari), Innovate Pasadena (Rob McClinton), and K&L Gates LLP (Tim Peckinpaugh and Laurie Purpuro).

You can read more about the visit and our legislative priorities in this article

07/30/21  |  Caelux joins the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America (SEMA) coalition

The SEMA coalition is led by Boundary Stone Partners in Washington D.C., and supports Senator Ossoff’s bill (S. 2140). If passed, SEMA would provide domestic solar supply manufacturing tax credits at each step of the supply chain, enabling the United States to drive down solar deployment costs while adding hundreds of thousands of good quality jobs. The coalition also includes reps from Q-Cells, LG, Hemlock, Meyer Burger Technology, Auxin Solar, First Solar, Swift Solar, Leading Edge Technologies, Wacker, Silfab Solar, and CubicPV. 

07/23/21  |  Caelux joins Innovate Pasadena

Innovate Pasadena facilitates collaboration across and within business, academia, and the broader community within the city to attract and retain companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and capital. Caelux joins a broad network of local leaders, including representatives from Pasadena City Council, Idealab, Art Center, Caltech, and Pasadena City College.