Solar: Amplified

Caelux is a pioneer in utilizing perovskites to make solar energy more powerful and cost-effective, enabling the next generation of solar innovation.

PV 3.0 is Here.

As competing technologies battle it out to improve solar return on investment and deliver a lower solar cost, Caelux is investing in the promising field of perovskites to build scalable solar technology.

Why Perovskites?

If you aren’t familiar with perovskites, here’s a quick rundown:

Perovskites are a class of nanomaterials made from abundant low-cost raw materials. When processed under certain conditions, they yield low-cost, powerful solar cells.

While perovskites are cutting edge — they’re the leading technology in PV 3.0 — they are not new to the solar scene, having first been documented in 2009. The adoption of perovskites in solar has traditionally been hampered by their relative durability compared to crystalline-silicon solar cells. Not long ago, the useful lifetime of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) were measured in minutes; now we measure their lifetimes in years.

perovskite macro view
solar panels in front of city skyline

Who We Are

We’re a team of hard-tech enthusiasts who are passionate about climate change reversal. As scientists and engineers, we know it’s possible… and that the answer is technology.

Based in the Los Angeles metro area, we’re right in the heart of America’s renewable energy innovation hub. Our location makes it easy for us to leverage the brightest minds in industry to make the technological breakthroughs that lead to solar technology progress.

What We Do

Caelux works with the world’s leading module companies to improve the performance of crystalline silicon modules. Through our proprietary technology, we’re making solar more powerful while making it cost less. Interested in learning more?

Get to know our current products lineup.

solar panel manufacturing facility

Here’s what solar project developers and end customers will get with CaeluxTM One enhanced solar modules:

more powerful modules
more energy harvested
lower installed cost
And they’re compatible with any silicon cell type, tracker, fixed tilt system, or power electronics device.
solar panel robotic production line

Perovskite solar cells aren’t a pipe dream…

they’re the future of affordable solar solutions. The fact is, the world doesn’t just need renewable energy… we need technology that makes it possible for developers across the globe to take full advantage of solar technology progress. At Caelux, our priorities are:

  • Scaling perovskites globally
  • Improving conversion efficiency
  • Dramatically improving durability
  • Lowering cost per watt and cost per kilo-watt-hour
residential electric car port

Climate Tech Solutions Made Possible by Perovskite Solar Technology

Green market growth is more than just solar panels. It’s carbon capture, hydrogen, electric vehicle infrastructure and energy storage. All of these approaches to combating climate change rely on the viability of cheap, green energy. Our products address just that: by using cutting edge perovskite nanomaterials, we work with solar module manufacturers to cost effectively increase the output of their products. The net result is lower-cost green power.

Join us in our mission to make solar energy more affordable. The only way to reverse climate change is to make it accessible to everyone, not just a privileged few. Are you with us?

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